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--- **AceLocale-3.0** manages localization in addons, allowing for multiple locale to be registered with fallback to the base locale for untranslated strings.
-- @class file
-- @name AceLocale-3.0
-- @release $Id: AceLocale-3.0.lua 1284 2022-09-25 09:15:30Z nevcairiel $
local MAJOR,MINOR = "AceLocale-3.0", 6
local AceLocale, oldminor = LibStub:NewLibrary(MAJOR, MINOR)
if not AceLocale then return end -- no upgrade needed
-- Lua APIs
local assert, tostring, error = assert, tostring, error
local getmetatable, setmetatable, rawset, rawget = getmetatable, setmetatable, rawset, rawget
local gameLocale = GetLocale()
if gameLocale == "enGB" then
gameLocale = "enUS"
AceLocale.apps = AceLocale.apps or {} -- array of ["AppName"]=localetableref
AceLocale.appnames = AceLocale.appnames or {} -- array of [localetableref]="AppName"
-- This metatable is used on all tables returned from GetLocale
local readmeta = {
__index = function(self, key) -- requesting totally unknown entries: fire off a nonbreaking error and return key
rawset(self, key, key) -- only need to see the warning once, really
geterrorhandler()(MAJOR..": "..tostring(AceLocale.appnames[self])..": Missing entry for '"..tostring(key).."'")
return key
-- This metatable is used on all tables returned from GetLocale if the silent flag is true, it does not issue a warning on unknown keys
local readmetasilent = {
__index = function(self, key) -- requesting totally unknown entries: return key
rawset(self, key, key) -- only need to invoke this function once
return key
-- Remember the locale table being registered right now (it gets set by :NewLocale())
-- NOTE: Do never try to register 2 locale tables at once and mix their definition.
local registering
-- local assert false function
local assertfalse = function() assert(false) end
-- This metatable proxy is used when registering nondefault locales
local writeproxy = setmetatable({}, {
__newindex = function(self, key, value)
rawset(registering, key, value == true and key or value) -- assigning values: replace 'true' with key string
__index = assertfalse
-- This metatable proxy is used when registering the default locale.
-- It refuses to overwrite existing values
-- Reason 1: Allows loading locales in any order
-- Reason 2: If 2 modules have the same string, but only the first one to be
-- loaded has a translation for the current locale, the translation
-- doesn't get overwritten.
local writedefaultproxy = setmetatable({}, {
__newindex = function(self, key, value)
if not rawget(registering, key) then
rawset(registering, key, value == true and key or value)
__index = assertfalse
--- Register a new locale (or extend an existing one) for the specified application.
-- :NewLocale will return a table you can fill your locale into, or nil if the locale isn't needed for the players
-- game locale.
-- @paramsig application, locale[, isDefault[, silent]]
-- @param application Unique name of addon / module
-- @param locale Name of the locale to register, e.g. "enUS", "deDE", etc.
-- @param isDefault If this is the default locale being registered (your addon is written in this language, generally enUS)
-- @param silent If true, the locale will not issue warnings for missing keys. Must be set on the first locale registered. If set to "raw", nils will be returned for unknown keys (no metatable used).
-- @usage
-- -- enUS.lua
-- local L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):NewLocale("TestLocale", "enUS", true)
-- L["string1"] = true
-- -- deDE.lua
-- local L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):NewLocale("TestLocale", "deDE")
-- if not L then return end
-- L["string1"] = "Zeichenkette1"
-- @return Locale Table to add localizations to, or nil if the current locale is not required.
function AceLocale:NewLocale(application, locale, isDefault, silent)
-- GAME_LOCALE allows translators to test translations of addons without having that wow client installed
local activeGameLocale = GAME_LOCALE or gameLocale
local app = AceLocale.apps[application]
if silent and app and getmetatable(app) ~= readmetasilent then
geterrorhandler()("Usage: NewLocale(application, locale[, isDefault[, silent]]): 'silent' must be specified for the first locale registered")
if not app then
if silent=="raw" then
app = {}
app = setmetatable({}, silent and readmetasilent or readmeta)
AceLocale.apps[application] = app
AceLocale.appnames[app] = application
if locale ~= activeGameLocale and not isDefault then
return -- nop, we don't need these translations
registering = app -- remember globally for writeproxy and writedefaultproxy
if isDefault then
return writedefaultproxy
return writeproxy
--- Returns localizations for the current locale (or default locale if translations are missing).
-- Errors if nothing is registered (spank developer, not just a missing translation)
-- @param application Unique name of addon / module
-- @param silent If true, the locale is optional, silently return nil if it's not found (defaults to false, optional)
-- @return The locale table for the current language.
function AceLocale:GetLocale(application, silent)
if not silent and not AceLocale.apps[application] then
error("Usage: GetLocale(application[, silent]): 'application' - No locales registered for '"..tostring(application).."'", 2)
return AceLocale.apps[application]